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Video Store Preview Station

Assistance with those agonizing choices
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When down at the video store I get bewildered by all those hundreds of titles.

The blurbs on the cases are hopeless (although I've learnt that if it says "In the tradition of..." that's usually a good indicator of a bomb), after all, they're never going to say "Well, this isn't quite the film we were hoping to make...".

I'd like to see one or more preview stations in the store... you take the case to the console which scans the barcode. This brings up the movie trailer, plus some *independent* reviews - thus easing the onerous task of selecting the night's viewing.

(Possibly baked in some video stores, but I've never seen it)

philmckraken, Jul 03 2004


       Or a portable bar code reader with a screen on the back.
FarmerJohn, Jul 03 2004

       Walmart has this, I think FYE does too.
waugsqueke, Jul 03 2004

       Yes indeedy [BrauBeaton]; what with TiVos, pay-per-view, and pirating off the internet, it looks like video stores are not long for this world.
philmckraken, Jul 04 2004


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