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Viral Defense

Tower defense game set in the human body
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This Tower defense game pits you against a series of viral pathogens trying to invade the human body to get to the heart or brain. It is your job to send out or put in place white blood cells, antibodies and other body defense systems, as well as to feed the senses information to educate to change the environment. It would maybe be more exciting if there was a moral component whereby you could ballance between: just feeding the human the Bible and Fox TV and having the environment become antiseptic and relatively virus free, but full of ignorance, intolerance and hate which act like pathogens -- and feeding the human only pornography and MTV and having the environment become relatively viral-laden, but harmonious, rich and integrated so that alternative strategies for defense like karma and viral diplomacy could be used.
JesusHChrist, Sep 22 2012


       Isn't this just grade school...?
DrCurry, Sep 24 2012


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