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Virtual Dinner Party

"Cities are a way for millions of people to feel lonesome together."
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I live in a flat on my own, and I like to cook, so I end up eating alone regularly. But I also like to be distracted when I eat. This is why millions of people eat in front of the telly, but I don't think that's particularly satisfying. I crave conversation. That said, I'm not about to invite people round *every night* - that would drive me nuts! And I'd be exhausted! And I'd run out of friends after about the first week!

But what I do have is a laptop, and an internet connection. I could log on to the Virtual Tea Party instead! There are rules before you log in, however. You have to be at a table (the body language is all wrong if you're on a sofa). You mustn't do anything to put people off their food. A certain level of manners is encouraged (no eating with your mouth open, you tramp). Then, it's simple. A webcam transmits an image of you to your fellow diners, and your computer screen displays little images of them. You can discuss things, politics, work, TV, sex, I dunno, sheesh, whatever. You can ask them what they're eating, swap recipes. You can sit down to dinner with someone eating breakfast in Hawaii (well, I could. I think).

I'm aware this makes me sound rather sad, but as the song goes, hey, I'm just a modern guy.

moomintroll, May 09 2006

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       I've just spotted that [Brummo] moots this exact idea in his first anno on 'Virtual Restaurant'. Drat.
moomintroll, May 09 2006

       Politics and religion are considered poor topics for table conversation, due to the inflammatory nature of the topic. It can put one quite off their feed.   

       I myself have attempted to discourage badmouthing others during dinner, at least until the brandy-and-cigars stage.   

       Lastly, certain forms of pornography can spoil dinner as well.   

       If we can make an effort to observe these niceties, you can count me in.
normzone, May 09 2006

       I'm voting for this because although I live with someone, he doesn't have the same dining preferences as I do. Oftentimes, I find myself eating alone or wishing for some conversation, so this would be nice. Bun on a plate in front of my computer. (Can you see it?)
xandram, May 09 2006


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