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A new type of restaurant.
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Most restaurants you go to now have TVs all over the place with sports and news on them. Last night I saw a commercial for a movie called waiting. [See Link] If you have seen the previews which you can at that link you will get a better idea. So anyways, instead of sports and such, why not have cameras in the kitchen, so that people can watch their food being made? This would help people trust their food is being prepared properly as well as adding something special to the restaurant. O suppose this could go to other places like automotive work but i think food is an important one.
robbob, Sep 30 2005

Movie Trailer http://movies.yahoo...08626807&cf=trailer
Watch this trailer. [robbob, Sep 30 2005]

inamo http://chunnel-visi...-for-itchy-fingers/
"While you’re waiting, you can always switch to webcam mode and watch the chef at work on your order". Actually, you're seeing an overview of the kitchen on a grainy webcam, but who's counting. [jutta, Jul 03 2009]


       //Most restaurants you go to now have TVs//
I have never been to a restaurant with a TV. I will never go to a restaurant with a TV. Besides which, (linky).
Incidentally, "other: [general]" is not normally considered to be the best category unless there's no more suitable one available.
angel, Sep 30 2005

       Some swanky restaurant have a glass partition between the kitchen and the diners, so you really can see them making your food.
moomintroll, Sep 30 2005

       at BDs mongolian barbecue... you fill up bowls with raw meats and veggies and bring it up along with your own sauxe mixture to have grillers cook it right in front of you... what else do you need? Oh, BDs had tvs in the bar area.
Seolyk, Sep 30 2005

       [angel], that is actually rather impressive considering the number of restaurants with TV's these days. Personally I quite like to be able to watch some TV with my food occasionally. Maybe that's just me, I don't like talking to people much.   

       [robbob], whilst I like the intention and concept (despite the fact that it has mostly been done already), but you probably wouldn't want to know how some of your food is made. I used to work in a restaurant and whenever I go back there, there are certain foods that I deign as off limits, purely because I know how they are made. Thanks for the link though. I've been looking forward to "Waiting" for a while. And welcome to the Halfbakery. Oh and you may want to try the Food: Restaurant: Theme: Vision category, or something along those lines.
hidden truths, Oct 01 2005

       [Bobbob], you have every right to be boring, you don't have to apologise for it. Like this idea and like the link. +
zeno, Oct 01 2005

       [h t]: Yes, I often watch TV while eating, but my choice of TV. For the same reason, I don't listen to music radio, and I prefer pubs without piped music.
angel, Oct 01 2005

       //Most Restaurants// I guess this depends on where you draw the line between restaurant and eatery.
Cuit_au_Four, Oct 01 2005

       I like this idea a lot, and give it a [+]. But I would feel pretty guilty if I ended up watching someone like Gordon Ramsey berating the wage-labor chefs who were preparing my meal.
swimswim, Jul 03 2009


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