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Virtual Rotary Engine

…And the Manufacturing Simplification through System Integration: The revealing without giving away proprietary details.
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INTRODUCTION Among the whimsical populace, who would want the rotaries not to succeed? You won't find any! But until careful planning is established, rotaries would just hang by themselves and stay whimsical like a dragon.

In lieu of the above, let’s define what the ideal rotary engine should be. We have been avid witnesses of diverse species constantly evolving since time immemorial, yet we found their traits wanting of the fierceness of a Dragon. They all are relegated to a distant future as if the earth-shattering Reciprocaurus Rex would continue to dictate the wayward terrestrial domain.

Nowhere can an ideal rotary engine be as independent as it should be. We all know that individualistic species would eventually yield to compromises when confronted with insurmountable situations. We have long been reminded of the everlasting adage “United we stand, divided we fall.” So the finals lie on system integration to fling a seeming disadvantage to outright advantage overnight.


1. It has an area-contact sealing. If you find those line-contact-sealed rotaries the likes of Wankels, Roots, Scrolls and countless others, consider them busted.

2. It has multiple radially-placed chambers. When you find one with single chamber, consider it crippled.

3. It has only one crank. When you came across another with two or more cranks, ignore them like how you would to a grumpy with a cane.

4. It acts like a flywheel. For those who told you to attach flywheels at the sides, ask them to market their clutches somewhere else.

5. It has no gears for synchronization or whatsoever. We don’t need virtual dentists to check whatever grinding noise it would be humming over and over.

6. It has no flat vanes whirling around. Come to think how odd to scrape with your incisors: virtual dentists again would pop up from wonderland.

7. It has no poppet valves but just ports. Mushrooms have to shoot to somewhere else.

8. It has volumetric efficiency greater than scroll. This is made possible by the chamber walls acting as the synchronization mechanism.

9. It has no hotspots. The primary Wankel Engine problem was due to its combustion chamber not swept by cooler intake.

10. It has no rapidly accelerating/decelerating components inside. We don’t want jerks to penetrate our ranks either.

11. The engine rotors, instead of a separate supercharger/turbocharger, would effect a looping centrifugal supercharging and reaction-turbine action.


1. The engine-actuation-dependent Infinitely Variable Transmission is integrated at its side. No need of connecting shafts.

2. The engine rotor would also function as electric motor/generator.

3. The compressed air would serve as pressurized fluid of the hydrostatic bearings.

4. The engine would serve as regenerative brake by acting as air compressor.

5. The heat regeneration will be used for the steam-cycle to eliminate cooling system.

6. The compressed air or the expanding combustion gases would be utilized for active suspension system.

7. The stored compressed air would inflate/deflate the tire according to the terrain.

8. The engine is housed inside the wheels with suspension system in between.

(More updates to come as time verves on)

rotary, Sep 05 2012

For some reason this popped into my head http://www.youtube....watch?v=L--cqAI3IUI
[mitxela, Sep 05 2012]

"Gears of Innovation" GrabCAD challenge https://grabcad.com...nnovation-challenge
Contest site with a plastic rapid-prototyping rotary engine entry. [rotary, Jan 16 2014]

ARCOG Rotary Engine for SIADOR Cycle (RP) https://grabcad.com...r-siador-cycle-rp-1
Rapid Prototyping entry of a plastic demonstration replica of the rotary engine. [rotary, Jan 16 2014]


       A bun for your trouble.
rcarty, Sep 05 2012

       Thanks, rcarty.   

       I intend the idea to appear defining and outlining the troubles to arrive at the most possible engine configuration that irons out all the kinks untoward kicking all around the piston engines from their seemingly lofty thrones. But in reality, I just base all of these from the virtual engine I have nearly finished designing. I am at the optimization design stage by now.
rotary, Sep 05 2012

       It would appear you have most of the answers already sewn up. Keep it under you hat..... Please.
Lesser Spotted Kiwi, Sep 07 2012


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