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Virtual console

Simulate opposite side driving situation
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The cockpit of the virtual console vehicle projects the view of surrounding traffic in reverse and adjusts the control systems so that the driver visiting a "wrong-side-of-the- road-driving country" can just proceed normally.
livewombat, Apr 07 2007


       Um. Sounds like a plan. What am I missing? Oh, yeah - the bigger problm with driving one the "wrong side" of the road is that many of the traffic priorities are changed too, not simply in a mirror image way.   

       But interesting concept!
DrCurry, Apr 07 2007

       It sounds like a nice idea, but I think its just to technologically demanding for any time soon.   

       For now, I'd recommend something that would constantly remind you to drive oppositely of what is normal to you.
BJS, Apr 07 2007

       This got me thinking about seeing the world in mirror image. Could this be done with a pair of glasses with a tricky configuration of lenses/mirrors?
xaviergisz, Apr 08 2007

       Not really.
BJS, Apr 08 2007

       I think some off-road trucks and construction equipment have a steering wheel and console that can slide over to the other side of the cab, since they have mostly hydraulic controls. Is this what you're talking about?
discontinuuity, Apr 08 2007

       I got carsick just trying to imagine how this might work. Everted bun for you.
elhigh, Apr 09 2007


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