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Virtual reality drive

Make driving fun, reduce sleepiness, eliminate roadsigns
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The windows on car may eventually give way to a fully enclosed cockpit with comfortable virtual reality glasses or retina light projector. Windows compromise structural integrity and cameras and display system will become cheaper than the glass they replace. 3d Interior screens are also possible. The idea is that you can specify an environment of interest. Perhaps an undersea environment: Big rigs will be whales, cars become boxy shaped sharks, potholes are slight depressions in the coral road. A long expanse of road through the desert can be jazzed up to reduce boredom. Or just enhance what is there, trash on the road disappears, buildings look cleaner, the road looks newly paved with clean lines, people are smiling. Of course if everyone had this technology road signs are no longer needed as they are virtually displayed. Speed limit signs, and traffic lights also become obsolete (but pedestrian lights still required). Billboards no longer clutter the highway. Oh, billboards may still exist, but companies will pay for the ability to place billboard ads within your virtual environment (subsidize initial car purchase or the data feeds for the privilege). Perhaps you could pay a fee to have billboards removed or selective removal. Select a billboard (hotel/ restaurant) by verbal command and the location can be displayed on your screens virtual map along with additional data. Billboards can be restricted from areas that may cause accidents due to clutter. Server controlled limits to number and clumping of billboard placement on any given stretch. Anyone can now purchase a billboard for a year, day or for an hour right on the net. Duration, location, size, special effects all determine the cost. Clearly this is advanced stuff mostly in terms of the computers ability to recognize objects (cars, trees, people etc.), the display capability is foreseeable.
Widgit, Apr 16 2005

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