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For the cautious thug.
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Hoodies, the street thug's garment of choice, are excellent at concealing one's acne-scarred identity.

Trouble is, they severely limit one's peripheral vision while one is indulging in a spot of thievin', muggin', bombin', or riotin'. This leaves one's flanks open for apprehension by varied members of the "not cool with yoof" crowd: police; security guards etc.

Enter the VISI-HOODIE.

With a hood made from one-way-mirrored flexible PVC, the VISI-HOODIE enables even the dullest of street thugs to anticipate the baton's swing, and head for the hills.

m_Al_com, Jun 22 2006

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       ...Until the police; security guards etc, start arming themselves with Big Mac's and fries.   

skinflaps, Jun 22 2006

       *ducks* I saw that donut coming, Officer L'Ahdass! Nyer-Nyer-Ni-Nyer-Nyer!
m_Al_com, Jun 22 2006

       I'm giving this a bun, but do not agree with its purpose. It would just be a good idea for folks who do like to or have to wear their hoods, like protection from ferocious winds and whatnot.
xandram, Jun 22 2006

       What [xamdram] said, including the bun [+]. I would bun again if I could for //while one is indulging in a spot of thievin', muggin', bombin', or riotin'// gave me the chuckles, that line.
kuupuuluu, Jun 22 2006


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