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Voice controlled music

Your voice plays the tune and accompaniment
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Music can be made with an "arranger" keyboard , selecting the tones and accompaniment, including the style, the rhythm, the chords, the "instruments", effects, loops etc.

I hereby propose a voice and sound controled interface. It gives a snapping sound of 110 bpm as default (you can ask it to change that). Say/sing the rhythm with CH CH... CH CH CH... or Pa pa... pa papa, or clap your hands and click your fingers (or crack your knuckles) for the rhythm and its style, or beatbox. Saying Uh-uh or Next will give you a different offer with your recording still in mind. Saying No No goes back to an empty metronome. It listens to your tune and gives a drumming. Say "No drums" and that is removed.

Two clicking sounds and you add a track. Say Loop! and it will loop that section. If it didn't get where the loop starts and stops, say NO NO and correct it, just like you would tell a fellow singer.

Sing in different ways to choose the instrument: eeeee for violin, oooo for oboe, tra tra tra for trumpet and brroom broom broom for trombone Brrring brring for guitar. Or you can just say: Choose grand piano. It will choose grand piano but if you say: Wrong, or Not that, it will ask you if you want to hear different pianos or just say it again.

Singing the instrument's tune (similar to Hey Siri) Aaaay Ooooh puts it into command mode, where you are controlling everything through words. Singing the other tune Wa Wa WaWa Waweeee gets it started back in voice mode.

pashute, Jul 07 2020


       Interesting idea but I can see that the system will likely be stupid enough to think you are telling it something when you are actually singing your latest composition.
I woke up this morning ning ning ning
At the break of day day day
A crumbly croissant on my pillow ow ow ow
My coffee on my tray ay ay ay
I looked out the window ow ow ow
I saw it starting to rain ain ain ain
I said Oh, no, no, no, no,
You stupid machine that was part of the song
pocmloc, Jul 07 2020

       Is it possible to tell Siri to go to sleep and never waken up again, no matter what is said?
xenzag, Jul 07 2020

pocmloc, Jul 07 2020

Voice, Jul 07 2020


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