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Naughty Carol Vorderman
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A simple computer programme that would play a Carol Vordaman soundfile coresponding to each keystroke one made.

Using clips from Countdown, one could amuse ones co-workers by making Carol read out rude words one letter at a time, in rather the same way as one used to annoy ones parents with alphabetti spaghetti.

Hitting the return key would provoke an embarrassed "oh, dearie me" from Richard Whitely.

Fishrat, Jun 01 2005

Countdown http://www.channel4...osites/C/countdown/
UK TV game show. The lair of Vorderman. [DrBob, Jun 01 2005]

You could modify this! http://www.rathergood.com/buffy/
[gnomethang, Jun 01 2005]


       Heh! Excellent idea. If using the number pad though, she should announce 'One from the top row' etc instead of announcing the actual number.
DrBob, Jun 01 2005

       Props to Mr Whitely, who sadly died over the weekend.
Fishrat, Jun 27 2005

       Yeah, Sorry to hear about Richard Whitely...

R.P.I (anag) Richard.....
Minimal, Jun 27 2005


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