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Vortex Custard Engine

It never loses it's splat!
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Take Cyclone effect of Dyson Vacuum cleaner. Replace air intake with large tank of custard. Employ large hydrogen Fuel cell to produce electricity. Use electricity to Spin Cyclones to eject custard from rear of car at high velocity. Hopelessly inefficient, but as far as I can see, the propulsion system that Clown Cars have been waiting for for half a century!!
goff, Jul 15 2004


       Instead of simply discarding the waste, confine it in Pastry Injected Envelopes, for later use as projectile weapons of defense.
Detly, Jul 15 2004

       How many gallons to the mile would you expect? I don't suppose it would matter, since the wheels and doors would fall off every 10 metres or so.   

       Also, I would think that the operating costs would be a mere trifle.   

       Sorry about pudding that pun in here.   

       Hail to the custard, long may it reign as the king of sauce.
WYBloke, Jul 15 2004


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