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Votey McVoteFace

Enable people on boats to vote
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Actually this isn't just about boats, but I'll illustrate it with that. This is, however, a serious idea for once.

Currently in Britain if you have no fixed address, you can make a declaration of local connection in order to vote in an election. However, if you're either in the merchant navy or you live on a boat, that may be more difficult than if you're sectioned, on remand or sleeping rough because in fact you may not be living in a particular constituency for long enough. I think, and this is from people I know who live on boats, the ability to vote is compromised in such a situation (although maybe they just don't understand the paperwork).

My solution to this is to create at least one new constituency consisting of the Waterways. This would enable people to vote postally in such a situation. It would also mean that issues related to boating such as mooring fees, maintenance of canals and the question of public or private ownership of waterways, and loads of other things I have no idea about because I don't live on a boat, would be more focussed upon by politicians.

The only way I can think of right now of doing this is to have an official visit to confirm that the person is in fact living on a boat, or perhaps have a professional person vouch for them.

Maybe it's not a real problem, I don't know, but it seems to be to the people involved whom I know.

Thanks to [po] and [Ian] for the title.

nineteenthly, Apr 30 2017


       I can't believe I missed the opportunity to make a "floating voter" joke!
nineteenthly, Apr 30 2017

       which one was first. This or the other. Isn't it the same idea?
pashute, Apr 30 2017

       This was the first idea, because it's a serious one. The other one is not so serious but came to me when I started thinking about the merchant navy.
nineteenthly, Apr 30 2017

       What [IanTindale] said.
Voice, Apr 30 2017


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