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signalling spyglass
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I'm back to posting ideas for my youngest again.

He proposes (without benefit of first-hand witness) that a vuvuzela-player may, at some point, become interested in viewing the proceedings of the event which he's been trying to drown out.

In such an eventuality, it may be useful to have lenses - eyepiece, erector, and objective - mounted in such a way that they can, at need, be pivoted into the noise path, converting the sound instrument into an optical instrument at the press of some buttons on the side of the tube.

A twist-slide arrangement of the body changes the length, and thus both the focus and intonation of the instrument.

If I had such a piece right now, I could go blow it at my son's bedroom door - then look through it to see if it woke him up...

lurch, Dec 12 2010

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       This is actually brilliant. Congratulate your son.
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 12 2010

       yea! + junior bun!
xandram, Dec 13 2010

       We hoped that this was some sort of advanced optical system, possibly incorporating gyroscopic stabilisation, night vision, and a laser target designator, specially designed to identify and accurately target vuvuzela users with the object of calling down an artillery fireplan, fire-and-forget surface to surface missiles, or (preferably) strategic bombers.   

       [-] for lack of malicious intentions toward vuvuzela users.
8th of 7, Dec 13 2010

       Kind of cute, I think. +
blissmiss, Dec 13 2010

       + for subversion of vuvuzelas.
DrBob, Dec 15 2010

       + for anything that stops at least one vuvuzela from making noise
toodles, Dec 15 2010

       A laser IR spotting scope could be mounted on the vuvuzela body, enabling the blower to more accurately aim and target their toots.
pocmloc, Dec 16 2010


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