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WTF browser

a browser that tells you just exactly WTF is going on
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a browser that says clearly, after you have hit the enter key, instead of "waiting...", something like the following:

"your request was received by...

-the keyboard (and if this is last thing on the list call 5551212 for a new motherboard)

-the motherboard ( and if this is last thing on the list call 5551212 for a new port)

-the port (etc)

-the router

-the modem

-the server

-the other server



JesusHChrist, Sep 16 2012

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       [marked-for-deletion] Widely known to exist. It's called “traceroute”. If you can type the command, it was received by the motherboard, and if you can't, the computer has no way of knowing anyway.
ytk, Sep 16 2012

       more than a bit vague about what you're trying to do here. Yes, the running commentary, on Firefox at least, is still pretty dodgy - perhaps an addon of some sort. You realize that the browser normally has no idea as to what's happening in between it and the site though, don't you ?
FlyingToaster, Sep 16 2012

       If you interpose a Linux machine between the local network and the router, not only can it be used as a highly effective active tap to tell you Who's Doing What To Whom, And With What, but it's also an excellent way of implementing a firewall.   

       [Suggested-for-deletion], Widely Known To Exist and Baked.
8th of 7, Sep 16 2012


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