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websearch-term thesaurus

When your looking for the right keywords to search for
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When you type your search into the google/bing search engine on the side a "cloud ui" would open showing different associated web searches added to that word. These search texts would be shortened with text that is not in any of the other clouds.

Example: Say I have an idea to put up on halfbakery - an app that tracks who took the keys to the library, or who has which of the 7 iphones in the company. Its a real simple app and has a few fast ways for you to say you took the keys and gave them back. I want to search the web (ok, I want to google) for tracking of ... what? I write: TRACKING ONLINE. WHO HAS IT. WHO TOOK IT LAST. WHO TOOK THE KEYS. But have no chance of finding the word I want.

If instead, I would have a cloud next to the search, with DIFFERENT fields of search, NOT IN THE FIRST RESULT PAGE, so that I can go to OTHER RESULTS, that would be great.

In this example: The cloud, sorted by frequency of search, would include: stolen, Himalaya, mud, Lincoln, management, task, inventory, online

When hovering on ONLINE for example, the other words connected with it, like management and inventory would move around it

HOW TO: The results would be from later pages with bigger diff from current page results, (starting with lower down on this page itself), saved known search terms with the words from my search, and from recursive searches.

pashute, May 31 2012

baked. Its called Quintra :-)( http://websearch.ab...p%3A//quintura.com/
(not sure if I'm happy or sad) [pashute, Jun 06 2012]


       remarks, anybody?
pashute, Jun 05 2012

       This sounds a lot like existing search-engine suggestions, but with more dimensions. Is that the right sort of idea?
pertinax, Jun 05 2012

       Does this all turn to shit when you clear your browser history?
UnaBubba, Jun 05 2012

       baked. see link.   

       Oh, and I finally found the term. It's "Asset Tracking", and of course I found that there are 100 people who thought of and even made easy to use smartphone or web apps for that ...
pashute, Jun 06 2012

       Tried that Quintra link with "yellow moon oblique hamburger" and it didn't find anything relevant...if it can't handle a simple search like that, it's back to square one guys..   

       And they might choose to come up with a better label for the second option than "Search for kids"...
not_morrison_rm, Jun 06 2012

       It looks like Google hasn't found your annotation yet, [not].
UnaBubba, Jun 06 2012


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