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WWW tangential-browsing reminder

browswer add-on that reminds users to stop wasting their time
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A browser add-on that watches how many tangential-link impulses users give in to in a given session and issues reminders to consider whether they are squandering their time on this planet. A bonus feature would estimate the user's attention span based on their browsing habits.
blevin, Apr 07 2001

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       I'd sooner buy a program that prevents you from accidentally traveling to a web site that is unrelated to the website you are currently viewing. Don't you hate when you click a useful-looking link and you unwittingly end up at www.Amazon.com/[that thing]? Or those close boxes in pop-up ads that aren't really close boxes, they're just painted on? Why keep checking the "status bar" at the bottom of your screen when "IrrelevancyBlocker" (R) (TM) will prevent embarrassment?
phundug, Apr 02 2003

       This could be used to diagnose attention-deficit-disorder
DickWeed, Apr 03 2003

       I turned up here when I meant to go somewhere else. So +.
English Bob, Dec 04 2003

       There is a program I like very much called eyesafe. It just does it.
Danny_, Feb 19 2004


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