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Walk your Shark

How do YOU walk your pet shark?
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Until now, proud shark owners had no way to take them for a walk.

Carefully attach the shark leash to the shark's head. There are sizes for all types of domesticated sharks. Mount the tank on the motorized cart, customizable to fit your shark tank. A remote control on the leash handle drives the cart as you and Sharky go. Happy walking.

globaltourniquet, Dec 16 2007


       Hmmmm .... pelagic sharks have to swim continuously to maintain ram oxgenation of their gills. That limits the idea.   

       But it would work for dolphins. Mind you, dolphins are pretty smart, and might give rise to the question, "Who's walking who ?", especially in your case.....
8th of 7, Dec 16 2007

       //Carefully attach the shark leash to the shark's head.// This part reminds me of my favourite: "how to make Tiger Soup story" - first catch your tiger....
xenzag, Dec 16 2007

       True. Stated idea will only work for nurse sharks, for others you'd have to addin "Endless Pool" TM technology that would provide a current, so add in two clear plastic channels in the bottom sides and a clear plastic fan driven by the mechanicals underneith to draw the water thru the channels toprovide a constant current. Or dump the tank and give him a reverse scuba suit which could be powered by his own swimming motion.   

       Fishbne for killing your pet.
MisterQED, Dec 16 2007

       //Mount the tank...//   

       Tank ? *My* shark has a custom-fitted SCOOWBA gear* , and dolphin-leather finguards for injury-free ambulation.   

       * Self Contained OutOfWater Breathing Apparatus   

       - originally conceived in the late 1800's to allow fish owners to walk their pets. The device normally consists of a "mask" which fits over the critter's gills, filled with water, which is constantly re-oxygenated.   

       [edit]... heheh, MisterQED, great minds think alike
FlyingToaster, Dec 16 2007

       Why not just a larger Roaming Goldfish Bowl?
RayfordSteele, Dec 17 2007

       //Why not just a larger Roaming Goldfish Bowl?//   

       I sorta like the idea of the shark interacting with the environment.
FlyingToaster, Dec 17 2007


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