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Walking aid for the blind

by storing digitized map of streets
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Blind person wears headphones where he/she receives alerts. A digitized map of the city area where the person usually walks, may be few city blocks, is stored in a microcontroller device. This map stores very precise details such as widths of footpaths, widths of road, curb dimensions, and names of the shops etc. Traffic signal posts are fixed with radio transmitters so that the person can be geo-located, like GPS. This will be precise within inches. Blind person can receive audio alerts in headphones while walking on street.

This can be in addition to ultrasonic stick.

VJW, Dec 14 2010

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       I had planned for a device for blind that just uses ultrasound and connected to the microcontroller. with a distance away from obstacle alert. as here in my location we have to find a device that can be given below just 10 usd. making a advanced one with voice guidance and detailed map with sensors needs lot of money and setup, though it can be made but would be quite expensive.
macx75, Dec 15 2010

       10 usd price may be difficult to achieve.
VJW, Dec 15 2010


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