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Watch Cover

Protect watch while not in use.
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I wear a watch everywhere. This includes vacations, and other times when I need to take off the watch for a while but don't have the round box it came in. So I either wrap it up in a sock or put it in my pocket and hope for the best. Unfortunately this leads to small scuffs and scratches.

Someone should make a soft cloth watch cover with elestic bands to hold it in place around the face (but still cover the whole watch band and all). This would keep the watch from bumping against itself or the change in your pocket, and be very small and portable.

If you're confused, the idea is for a tube of cloth which would cover the watch from end to end. But to keep the watch from curling up inside the cover there are two elestic bands which keep it tight on either side of the face. And maybe it can be made out of kevlar.

DIYMatt, Sep 11 2009

Suunto face protector http://www.suuntowa...-Face-Protector.pro
These used to come as standard on a lot of Swatches. Back in the eighties when you were cool if you wore four Swatches at once. [wagster, Sep 11 2009]

Watch protector http://jewelryservi....net/tx7070347.html
Looks a bit rubbish though [wagster, Sep 11 2009]

Camo watch protector http://www.airsoftc....php?t=39752&page=3
There's a distinctly foxy young lady called TokyoSeven near the bottom of this page who has made a watch protector both more attractive and better designed than anything commercial I can find. [wagster, Sep 11 2009]


       when I'm rich I'll buy a watch with a sapphire face. I guess I could use this in the meantime.
xaviergisz, Sep 11 2009

       Is Sapphire really scratch-proof? I was thinking recently that my (Seiko) watch I've had for about 5 or 6 years now was remarkably unscratched. I've just looked at the back and it does say "Sapphire" in tiny, tiny writing, so maybe that's why.
hippo, Sep 11 2009

       I have seen scratches in sapphire watch faces, but you have to try pretty hard.
wagster, Sep 11 2009

       My dive computer has a clear flexible plastic protector that slips over the strap. Almost essential, given all the hard bits of metal I have to wear, or encounter when diving. [edit] Oops, just spotted [wag]'s link. Yup, that's the one.

//watch cover with elestic bands // sp. "eclectic"?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Sep 11 2009


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