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Watch'em Rot.com

Watch 'em rot
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Live 24 hr viewcam linked to the one's you love. Watch as their bodies rot away and you can check on their progress any time any where. Stay in touch, keep watching. Special offer for scratch and sniff pads unique to your loved ones rotting stench. Lots of other fun links to things that rot. Rotting Rats.Rotting fish (free scratch and sniff for this one), rotting underwear, even rotting plastic, (Warning this site is extremely tedious)
leggless, Aug 17 2000

Internet connections for coffins http://www.halfbake...ion_20for_20coffins
Also digmeup.com. I presume "the ones you love" will be dead and buried? Or have some awkward skin disorder. [Skinny Rob, Aug 17 2000, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Stinkymeat http://www.thespark...nce/stinkyhome.html
A treat for rotting flesh fans [Lemon, Aug 17 2000, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Cemetaries get hooked up to the Net http://www.theregis...ontent/6/16267.html
Coming soon.. not actually inside the coffins but close enough. [Jim, Aug 17 2000]

Half Baked http://www.nytimes....evision/25ARTS.html
This is the theme of a Dutch film. [DrCurry, Oct 17 2004]


       you are sick!
enveekaa, Sep 11 2000

       Just because it's sick and disgusting doesn't mean it's a bad idea. I think the first person to actually do this and set up a pay website for it would make a small fortune.
redshift9, Nov 29 2000

       I'm surprised this doesn't exist. It could certainly be done, and it would certainly attract attention. I would advise against setting up operations around any Southern Baptist strongholds.
graveace, Nov 30 2000

       Ewwww. And the stickymeat was bad enough when my roommate downloaded it.
tigerwren, Aug 13 2001

       Someone has now made a TV film on this subject (see link - you'll probably need a NY Times account to read it, but they're free of charge).
DrCurry, Nov 25 2002

       Someone implemented this idea:   

Think_Out_Of_The_Box, May 02 2007

       People don't like to watch people rot for a reason. If you like to watch people rot, there may be something wrong with you.
nomocrow, May 02 2007

       [nomocrow], I would LOVE to see someone rot! And nothing's wrong with me. However, I would prefer to see non-relatives rot. And I know some people that would like to see Saddam's corpse. Rotting corpses are a fact of life. I love them (but have none). If you don't like it, don't watch. It adds lag.
Shadow Phoenix, Oct 18 2007

       That's just gross. I would like to remember deceased loved ones the way they were when they were alive, not think of them as a rotting corpse.
arrowstation, Nov 27 2009

       seemerot.com is fairly weird, even for the internet.
wagster, Nov 27 2009

       Would the C.S.I.ers do this to get timelines on decay?
wjt, Nov 27 2009


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