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Water display

HMD with an water lense for amplification
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One of the main problems with displays being mounted in glasses is the strain that is placed on your eye. I think that the strain comes from the amount of light energy pointed unfiltered into your eyeball. If you can lower the amount of energy then you might be able to view an image for longer periods.

My plan is to place a drop of water in front of a display that is a quarter of the current size. Then it will be both magnified because of the curve of the water and slightly filtered by the absorbtion of the water.

hypergiaphobia, Jan 10 2007


       My understanding is that the strain is caused by the conflict between your iris focusing on something that is a few mm away when the artifical parallax of the two images is telling your eyes /edit - brain/ they are much further away /edit - which your brain then tells your eyes, which get confused, muscle strain and hurty/
BunsenHoneydew, Jan 11 2007


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