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Water from all oceans

Selling water from all five oceans in little bottles
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Travel around the world, collect water from all oceans and then sell it in little bottles as ornament. I can easily picture myself an obsessive collectionist wanting to buy 5 little bottles each one with water from each ocean so he could have a great conversation starter and impress his date. Just don't get the water out of the faucet.
ElVale, Dec 12 2008


       "Just don't get the water out of the faucet."
Why not? The water from my tap probably came from all oceans (ever) at some point or another.
phoenix, Dec 12 2008

       Wasn't this baked in Adam Sandler's "Waterboy"? He collected water from everywhere. The special water to him was melted iceberg or something.   

       He put them into little perfume looking bottles.
MisterQED, Dec 12 2008

       Urine of famous people. I'll bet no one has done that. Or the urine of everyone in a country, all mixed up. Collected at every sewage treatment facility, filtered and clarified. This could become America's final export before it becomes a pure consumer, manufacturing nothing. The American Essence, four ounces in a red, white, and blue bottle.
ldischler, Dec 12 2008

       With a label that reads "Hecho en Mexico".
Spacecoyote, Dec 14 2008


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