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Water jet fly screen

Is it really there ?
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An upper frame which carries a linear array of very fine nozzles, pointing downwards, and fed by a manifold and a high pressure pump.

It's positioned over a shallow tray with a grating in the bottom, linked to a quiet yet powerful fan and a collection chamber. It can be inset into paving, etc.

The collection chamber has a filter piped back to the pump.

When turned on, many fine jets of water form a "curtain" to deter or prevent insects crossing.

The guided airflow in the collector tray sucks in mist and stray droplets, preventing a damp area around the "curtain."

The curtain can be turned on an off remotely to allow people to pass through; in the summer, they might not care, if this were used by a swimming pool.

Can't be damaged by strong winds.

May actually entrain and kill some insects.

Unobtrusive when not in use.

Suitable for large areas.

Deters cats.

8th of 7, Aug 19 2010

yeah, right. http://www.istockph...-cat.php?id=4061559
[po, Aug 19 2010]

yeah, right again http://www.google.c...IML&ved=0CB8Q9QEwAQ
[po, Aug 19 2010]


       Could you please make one for large pets? (I don't see the dogs and cats, and even the parakeets passing through it. (The rabbits are usually in a cage...)
pashute, Aug 19 2010

       There is an alternative device, which uses much less power, can be operated by a direct interface operable only by humans (or clever dogs & cats) and won't soak the surrounding area as soon as it's a bit wind.   

       This ingenious device is already available in a number of formats and offers the bonus of protection from weather, security options and low cost.   

       I refer, of course, to the humble door.   

       N.B. Cats will always find a way. When you return to find a soggy cardboard box with both ends open straddling your collector tray, and a smug cat occupying your sofa, you'll understand.   

       Not spectacular enough to justify the complication. (-) for the intention to deter cats.
Twizz, Aug 19 2010

       my +1
po, Aug 19 2010

       +1, but only because I'm picturing it as a decorative waterfall that you can walk through. Complete with LED lights. Sounds like something for a SkyMall catalog.
DIYMatt, Aug 20 2010

       Electrified at the flip of a switch, of course.
DrWorm, Aug 20 2010

       [+] portable'ish decompression zone.
FlyingToaster, Aug 20 2010

       (+) Why...this isn't flamable at all. What have the collective done with the real [8th]?   

       I would like to see a version of this where an insect breaking a beam of light causes individual jets to pick them out of the air.   

       heheh, thanks 2f
FlyingToaster, Aug 20 2010

       Who is Deter, and what about his cats?
baconbrain, Aug 20 2010


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