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Watt Yacht

Mobile hydrogen plant
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Set sail to self-employment in a Watt Yacht.

A good-sized sailboat, fitted with a wind turbine on a pivoting mast, retractable outriggers, and a stout anchor. And hydrogen electrolysis equipment

Not the prettiest boat in the harbor, but you're headed for the trade winds. Find a nice spot, weigh anchor, set the riggers, stand the turbine, start making gas.. kick back..

Fill bags with hydrogen gas, floating far above.

Those are bags full of pure clean green power... sell the contents on the open market or directly to the on-shore, grid-connected, fuel cell power plant. Bring the empties back, and repeat.

afinehowdoyoudo, Jan 03 2010

Spinnakers Dream Spinnaker_27s_20Dream
and one of these! [afinehowdoyoudo, Jan 03 2010]

http://www.scienced...a8af2a883c24d3d021d [leinypoo13, Jan 03 2010]


       + Put some CaC03 on the boat and you have a way to capture carbon from the air as well (see link). There is also a small amount of CaC03 in the ocean, which you can electrolyze via wind power and then drop an insoluble form of carbonate into the ocean as a means of decreasing ocean C02.   

       I am sure none of these are economical though.
leinypoo13, Jan 03 2010

       Don't forget desalination equipment, unless you want chlorine gas mixed in with your hydrogen.
goldbb, Jan 04 2010

       Do the math. How many watts does your turbine produce? Current calculations for an H2 economy place prices in the 21-26$/mmbtu. At STP H2 provides 9.3 btu per litre. A million litres of H2 would be worth about $10. Them's some big balloons!   

       Then you need to calculate the watt Hours you would need to fill a single million liter balloon. A great small turbine might produce 2700 watts. this is about 1000l of H gas an hour in strong wind (you got a big boat right?). If so you're earning around $.10 an hour. That's less than $1k a year if the wind keeps up 24hrs a day every day.
WcW, Jan 04 2010

       I only deal in furlong-stones for energy, and furlong- stones per fortnight for power.
afinehowdoyoudo, Jan 05 2010

       How many furlong stones per moon were you expecting your windmill to yield.
WcW, Jan 05 2010

       well, you would want to have a tailwind for the trip back to the harbour. I wonder how many blimp envelopes you could fit onto a small ship.
FlyingToaster, Jan 07 2010

       I gave a bun for furlong stones.
sneakythumbs, Jan 07 2010

       I keep coming back to this: I want mine to be made of supercaps and have H2 envelopes for when I run out of electrical storage.
FlyingToaster, Jan 08 2010

       That million liter balloon.. it's a thousand cubes. lessee.. at fiddy cent.. five hundred bucks! At one per moon y' ain't getting rich, but its something.
afinehowdoyoudo, Jan 09 2010


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