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Waveform Cloning

Instead of sending my ashes into space when I die, just encode my DNA into a waveform and transmit it to the stars
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With a little embedded tag built in saying

"Please look after this human..."

Skybird, Jan 07 2001


       Ha! I hope his leg gets replaced by half an hour of Classic FM.
Jim, Jan 08 2001

       Want to hire a DJ for your funeral??
reensure, Jan 08 2001

       Sounds exactly like a cyberpunk novel. Realware by rudy Rucker touches on the possibility of this technology.
STUpidIDIOT, Jul 23 2004

       Not so much Realware to me as another book I read whose title I can't remember...   

       in which people's souls are copied into androids with a 1-day lifespan, that do all the work on earth while everyone lives a life of luxury in their real body. Somewhere in the book there's a part where a dying person has their soul copied and dumped out through a huge antenna into space, to no result.
eulachon, Jul 23 2004

       Oh, that's about the silliest and most paranoid reaction to this idea one could possibly have.
bristolz, Jul 24 2004

       But, strangely, it makes perfect sense...   

       On a different note, could you encode your DNA as an mp3? But, once you've heard one, you've heard em all.
-lines-, Jul 25 2004


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