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Weapons of Mass Construction

"Al Samoud 2" Cement Mixers and the like ....
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George and Tony seem to got themselves into a bit of a pickle over the apparaent absence of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq.

Assuming that they decide that its too risky to actually covertly ship in their own WMD's and subsequently discover them, surely their spin doctors could convince the world that it actually mis-construed their original justification for war and that the real threat was always posed by Weapons of Mass Construction.

How difficult could it be to find the odd "Al Samoud 2" cement mixer with some sharp edges or some heavy duty scaffolding that could pass for makeshift pipe bombs? A few chemical portaloos on a building site might just pass for mobile chemical weapons stations.

Elias, Jun 03 2003

weapon (well, truck) of mass construction http://www.sparwood...ics/bcard2.jpg.html
[ato_de, Oct 04 2004]

world's largest bulldozer http://www.kenkenki...kan/bull/e_017.html
[ato_de, Oct 04 2004]

weapon of mass obstruction http://www.walkthewall.com/
[ato_de, Oct 04 2004]

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       I suppose they could argue that the large mosques that Saddam built were Weapons of Mass Conversion.
Aristotle, Jun 03 2003

       BREAKING NEWS: This report hot off the press, the UN terrorismograph has picked up suspicious activity that they beleive could lead to disastrous repercussions of a colossal scale. The signals are scattered and numerous, often mobile. Professor B.S.Jinx and Dr. Fulluf Schit are baffled, but suspect possible... correction... DEFINITE, nuclear activity EMBEDDED in what was formerly known as Iran, now aptly named, Nekstinlyne. This will be a tough battle since it seems that the nuclear detonators are being transported in what looks, according to these aerial shots, like... turbans! The amazing duo will not rest until every turban has been eradicated. Same excuses. Same biased channel. Tune in as we get ready to rumble!
Infinitely buzzing, Jun 03 2003

       This would be better if it were actually funny.
snarfyguy, Jun 03 2003

       <Cement mixer, putti putti...>

       On a different note,   

       Wouldn't the old Iraqi regime appear ever more sinister if it was discovered they possessed brain washing devices and other Weapons for Mass Devotion?
</Cement mixer putti putti...> -S.G.
Tiger Lily, Jun 03 2003

       Or had already attacked Bush's intellegence agents with weapons of mass confusion?
Worldgineer, Jun 03 2003

       You mean like those "exploding-broccoli vendors"?
Tiger Lily, Jun 03 2003

Zimmy, Nov 19 2006

       The BAATH movement was established in Iraq and Syria. Both were pro-Soviet supposedly communist, meaning anti-religious regimes.   

       Saddam Hussein and Hafez al-Assad were on good terms most of the time. Anything developed in Iraq during the long years following 1991 gulf war, was passed on to Syria.   

       They HAD gas bombs AND USED THEM on the Kurds. So there's no question there.
pashute, Nov 07 2012


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