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Wedding on a Budget

A Beautiful Wedding... on a Budget
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I find that so many people tend to spend a lot of time frustratingly planning for months if not years for their wedding and the cost is astronomical ... i dont understand why since wedding after wedding ends up being the same thing...sooo... why not have an online site that allows users to find and post all kinds of deals they find or techniques they have employed in their past lives to make a cheap wedding. For example, people can post their own step-by-steps, services to contact that are cheap (incl. regular homemakers who are good enough to make cakes), coupons online, etc. The collective bunch for that moment serves as a wedding-in-a-box.
quantass, Jun 29 2009

You asked for it... Wedding-in-a-Box
similar... [RayfordSteele, Jun 29 2009]

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       Booo! It should be as simple as one big box, purchased at Costco. [~] (Actually, I think it's a good idea, but I vote neutral because I think websites like that already exist.)
swimswim, Jun 29 2009

       1) elope 2) vegas 3) Justice of the Peace   

       There's plenty of existing solutions.
ckiick, Jun 30 2009

       For some reason "Budget Rent-A-Bride" sticks in my craw. Not good probably.
blissmiss, Jun 30 2009

       I actually think that the extremity that you describe is the apex of gala event oriented "matrimonials". These Potlucks have cut down many a fine romance and never has unhappiness, stress and family feuding cost so much and yielded so little. When people talk about how the "TRADITION of MARRIAGE" is under threat I always chuckle, because it's the stupid people who got married that have done all the damage.
WcW, Jul 01 2009

       The answer to cheap weddings: do it in the country.
simonj, Jul 01 2009


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