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Amazingly Useful Weighing Watch
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Basically, what about a digital watch of a standard size, with a very small and very accurate electronic scale built in. Twist the outside of the watch face, and release the locks that hold the weighing surface down. The display would indicate zero (with a tare function as well to reset it)... place whatever you wish to weigh onto the watch face (remember, marijuana is legal in several countries!) and leave until it beeps. Remove the item, and the face displays the weight. I reckon I could sell about a million of these to Amsterdam gadget shops, and London advertising executives... whatcha think? Scale is the current limiter I think in this idea, the smallest weighing scale I've ever seen was the size of a credit card...
Danzarak, Feb 18 2002

Baked http://www.rightons.../ie/tanita/1220.htm
[angel, Feb 18 2002]

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       So you just want something which has been available for thirty years, only you want it very small? See link.
angel, Feb 18 2002

       Yeah.. I know all about these scales... I want something portable but concealable if you catch my drift!
Danzarak, Feb 18 2002

       It's the size of a bloody credit card! How much more concealable does it need to be?
angel, Feb 18 2002

       Or its possible he has a pun based idea...
mcscotland, Feb 18 2002

       Build the scale into your shoe. To activate it, click your heels together three times (the toe of the shoe contains the readout, the scale automatically zeros). Then pick up whatever you want to weigh. Amazingly useful and inconspicuous.
phoenix, Feb 18 2002

       How about weigh buttons for your coat lapel? You could weigh several types of . . . material at once. Good for street corner businesses.
bristolz, Feb 18 2002

       Thats right Rod.. you are getting the point that Angel seems to have missed... concealable isnt the same as disguised...
Danzarak, Feb 25 2002

       Sorry Angel... I meant to press Annotate then instead of delete...... please repost that last one if you wish..   

       The point I am trying to make is that if you are found with scales on your person, then you will be removed to the local police station and subjected to a full body search. During this, they will find the marijuana concealed in your shoe. However, if they ask you to turn out your pockets and you are wearing a weigh-watch which just looks like a watch.. this wont happen... maybe I am just too crooked in the head.
Danzarak, Feb 25 2002

       'That last one' was along the lines of:
"What point have I missed? You want something concealable. A credit-card-sized item *is* concealable."
You now want something which is disguised so that you are less likely to be searched for the item which you are concealing. Why not conceal the credit-card-sized scale in your other shoe? Incidentally, I have yet to be body-searched as a result of possessing a weighing device. (I have the feeling that I'm in for an up-hill struggle here.)
angel, Feb 25 2002

       I concede... to be honest I just reckon I could sell a million of these watches to London based advertising executives to fuel their coke habits... they'd always be out of the the price range of your average smoker...
Danzarak, Feb 25 2002


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