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Wheel Hub PTO

A special pto spare tire for emergencies.
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I want a spare tire that has planetary gears that turn a PTO shaft on the center of the hub.

Power take off is available on tractors, but is hard to get on cars.

Cars are pretty quiet, and have large engines.

Generator heads are realatively inexpensive when compared to a whole-home backup power system, but require a good bit of power.

So when the next Katrina comes, you change one of the drive wheels of your car out with this thing, put the car and the pto in gear, and your car is ready to power a very big generator. And you can unhook it and refill the tank.

And farmers would pay for an easy extra pto.

nomocrow, Aug 21 2014


       Cars aren't meant to run under load while stationary. You'd need an additional cooling fan to push extra air through the radiator.   

       One of the problems of the 2012 US heatwave was that power outages disabled gas station pumps. That means stockpiling fuel. Go for diesel, it's safer*.   

       But otherwise, [+].   

       *Probably a good idea to check your vehicle will run on diesel fuel, otherwise it might be awkward and embarrassing.
8th of 7, Aug 21 2014

       I was pondering rollers to PTO. A bit like a stationary cycling bearing but for drive wheels of a car. Secondhand from a mechanics workshop or scrap yard.
wjt, Aug 21 2014

       That would probably be better; allow both wheels to turn. Rotating one wheel while keeping the other fixed will trash the differential quite quickly.
8th of 7, Aug 21 2014

       I'm pretty sure this is baked in the Movie "Commando" where they use a belt around the rear wheel of a pickup
bs0u0155, Aug 21 2014

       //trash the differential quite quickly//   

       differentials are needless complexity forced upon the populous of countries who couldn't be bothered to build their roads straight...
bs0u0155, Aug 21 2014


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