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Manual Time Tracker
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Every 5 minutes it comes up and asks if I'm still doing this or that.

I can change it momentarily to 10, 15 or 20 minutes if I'm into something passive (watching a video).

Has a list of stuff I wanted to accomplish today next to me, and another list of stuff I wanted to accomplish in general. With a third list of stuff I'll do some day in the future. It also knows my calendar, and can remind me to set the calendar or fill in the event with location and phone number. (Later versions can do that for me, by searching the web. (OK next idea.))

Every 20 minutes it tells me my "streak".

Every 35 minutes it reminds me to stretch. and to look around with my eyes.

Every hour and a half it tells me to stand up and move around a bit. It asks me how long I want to exercise (with 4, 20, or 30 minutes option) and suggests exercises in audio that I don't have to watch.

Once in a while it asks if I want a distraction. And if so it either tells me a joke I never heard, gives me the breaking news from some country that I have no idea about, or shows me an advertisement that I didn't see, (or one that I did see, and liked, with the option to dislike (and notify the a anti advertisement forum, with an optional remark) or just discontinue wanting to see it again. Options: I CHANGED MY MIND, GREAT ADD SHOW AGAIN, or EH.

Works with speech to text so I can talk instead of typing. Connects to computer, so pops up with option to have it silent for a certain amount of time.

If I'm away and no activity, it will stop bothering. Unless it detects I fell asleep and then it will suggest I take a good nap.

Also it sees to it that I go to bed on time, and don't stupidly waste my life staying up at night.

pashute, Sep 07 2022


       Prefer the speech interface, so I can just repeat my goals or status like a mantra.
4and20, Sep 07 2022

       Apple iPhone and Watch have reminder features like that scattered through their entire ecosystem. To do lists, time to stand up, time to take a break and breathe, etc. Some people must find them useful, but I find them annoying so I don't use them.   

       So, WKTE *and* annoying ... [-]
a1, Sep 07 2022

       Wakes you up every 20 minutes to tell you to go to sleep.
lurch, Sep 07 2022

       It's a good idea IF it adapts. It's nice to have a reminder on a more or less frequent basis depending on how willing I am to do those things I aught to be doing. An automated reminder to stretch every 20 minutes would be SO annoying. But if it detects my annoyance and changes that out to "every two hours" it's fine. If I'm immersed in a novel I do NOT want to be interrupted even as often as every hour to inform me that I'm immersed in a novel when there is an item on my "I should do" list. But when I'm just pulling out the novel, just got up and had my coffee, or just put down a novel after spending three hours reading it would be helpful. Not sure whether I'm being coherent right now or how it could be achieved, but yeah: make it adaptive.

It could also be more or less subtle. It may be better for many to just flash a notification on my screen that I don't even have to respond to. Or if I'm not looking at a glowing rectangle to sound an audible notice. I guess most of what I'm saying is a nag cannot and should not attempt to give me an iron will. The most a reminder program should ever attempt to accomplish doesn't even go as far as making me say "fuck it". After all if you ignore an input like that three times you've made it a habit. It should go right up to the line, where I say "meh" but not up to "no". somewhere around "yeah I probably should but..." territory.

//shows me an advertisement//

WAY no.
Voice, Sep 07 2022

       Re-reading my idea a few days later, I see that I'm not conveying what this is. Its not an alarm clock, its a companion, that helps me stay on track, doing what I wanted to do with less distractions.   

       For that I have to give it a VERY short description of what I'm trying to accomplish (for which I use the InTheDetails app). It discusses it with me to get it right.   

       It also fixes Waze and tells me where I'm going, so that I'm sure I entered the correct address, and it is not taking me in the opposite direction due to a mistake of mine.
pashute, Sep 10 2022

       //Its not an alarm clock// //helps me stay on track//   

       How does it keep you on track if it doesn't keep track of time and give you alerts?
Voice, Sep 10 2022

       Could also be an assistant, like "Need some help with this?". "Yes, look up Youtube videos on replacing the carburetor on a 65 Mustang."
doctorremulac3, Sep 11 2022


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