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#whereto mover

Auto or manual correction for forums and postings
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Put a #whereto hashtag in your post, question or any other online submission, and you are signifying to the automatic WHERETO website administrative service, that you want it moved to its correct location.

The Whereto service:
1. Will notify the site's content admin
2. Will notify you of what's happening with your post.
3. Will perhaps even move this post to:

a. The correct place, automatically. Or, if that cannot easily be determined,
b. To a "waiting" place where it's correct location could be determined either by the administrators or by a community discussion and vote.

No more, "this is not the correct forum to discuss that topic". From now on its: Here's the place to put this kind of posting. Or better yet: and we put it there.

The end of Other:General?
Or maybe its the beginning.

pashute, Mar 29 2017

It will take you to this location ... Category_20Consulting_20Ltd_2e
[normzone, Mar 29 2017]


       It'd turn into #toolazytoreadthehelpfiles
FlyingToaster, Mar 29 2017


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