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Where is that file?

A x.wh file listing physical positions of file x . Physical cloud data transparency for important files
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The .wh file returns on a file upload. The content lists drive serial number(s) with sectors (block addressing numbers for the new media), server, rack locations, floor and street address of that important file stored virtually. The physical location of the bits.

This file gets updated on change. All multiple copy positions are listed. All parts of file if spread are listed.

The .wh file changes would give an indication of health of the data centre and the level care and stability given to the file. At the very least, the data centre has a condensed list of physical addresses, to start recovery, if multiple things go horribly wrong simultaneously.

Then again, the .wh file could easily be a lied. How could it be checked?

wjt, Apr 03 2021

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Now pointlessly consuming more energy than Belgium [bigsleep, Apr 05 2021]


       Are you suggesting that anyone keeps any files outside of their own secure premises? That seems unnecessarily risky.
pocmloc, Apr 05 2021

       Agreed. And all those licenses to go clouded.
wjt, Apr 09 2021


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