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load your office

The cubicle of the future - customized, digital, and good looking too.
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As telecommuting increases and floorspace becomes more expensive, companies will develop new kinds of offices and cubicles. If you need to go to work one day (for an important meeting, or just plain face-time), you'll be assigned a spare, featureless room with a desk, adjustable chair, a couple empty frames hanging on the walls, a desktop computer, and data ports to plug in your PDA, phone or laptop.

Using a control panel, you can load up your "workspace defaults" - electronic paintings in the frames on the walls, seat height and angle, room lighting, even Internet bookmarks and desktop wallpaper on your computer. With a digital whiteboard mounted on the wall, your scribbled notes (digitally recorded, of course) will also appear. Essentially, all your workplace preferences, such as the decor of your office, and all the work you've done previously, are saved in the company's main system, ready to be loaded up in any of these specially built workspaces. When you're ready to go, you "save" your office, and go.

quanta, Mar 08 2000

Lost In Space http://www.wired.co...ive/7.02/chiat.html
Aftermath of the failed Chiat-Day virtual office experiment. Some good insights in what not to do. [koz, Mar 08 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Such a system would need some cunning way of capturing the state of all the Post-It Notes I have stuck around the ege of my screen.
hippo, Mar 08 2000

       Cubicle skins! I like the idea, but it would probably be more expensive than leasing more floor space.   

       I'm waiting for someone to come up with the double-decker (bunk?) cubicle...
phoenix, Dec 06 2001


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