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Whistleblower Job Bank

Let good deeds go unpunished
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So let's say you work for BP or *insert morally bankrupt company here* and you blow the whistle, naming names and providing evidence of wrongdoing. The first thing that happens is you lose your job; the next thing that happens is you can't get another job. Sooo let's create a skills database from good companies that might hire folks that Do the Right Thing elsewhere. That way those who are thinking of becoming whistleblowers can do a little preemptive job searching. This would encourage potential whistleblowers to do their thing, knowing their financial asses are covered, yes?
Steamboat, Jul 13 2010


       Do whistle-blowers need to lose their jobs? Isn't it enough that concerned employees can anonymously leak info to a journalist?
xaviergisz, Jul 13 2010

       Hmmm, sometimes a whistleblower is someone who doesn't see the bigger picture, or is just dissatisfied with their position. Every company has its fair share of whiners and complainers and people who prefer pontification and finger-pointing to actually getting the job done - why would anyone want to employ them?   

       Also, you could describe almost any profit making company as being *morally bankrupt* why don't the whistleblowers all get together and make their own sweet-smelling, morally sound, socially aware, cute, fluffy, fair, decent, takes out the garbage for the old lady down the hall, charitable, kind to animals, caring for the environment, always doing the "right" thing, global powerhouse for economic growth and employment?
zen_tom, Jul 13 2010

       Apart from jumping on the bandwagon, I'm not sure why you're bringing BP into this. They've admitted they screwed up and are fixing it. You could point at the oil companies who leak the same amount of oil that's leaked from the Deepwater Horizon well *every year* into the Niger Delta - but even so, a lot of this is due to sabotage. Why not point at the consumers who demand cheap fuel? Aren't they just as "morally bankrupt". And then, you say "good companies" - could you give us some examples, so we know what you mean?
hippo, Jul 13 2010

       Bun or bone? I can't decide. You are advocated the advancement of rats... but your title includes the words: Blow and Job.   

       This is going to take a while.
MikeD, Jul 13 2010


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