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Whistling Mouthpiece

Easy musical instrument
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This is a mouth piece with a whistle, that forms the shape that it takes to get a regular mouth whistle, except that the user doesn't have to learn to shape their lips. The pitch would be varied in the regular manner by sticking your tongue closer or further away from the whistle.

This instrument could have add-ons that change the whistle sound to be more like various different instruments - more like a horn, more like a kazoo etc.

JesusHChrist, Feb 01 2013

Your mileage may vary http://etc.usf.edu/...0/3827/edison_3.htm
[normzone, Feb 01 2013]


       //The pitch would be varied in the regular manner by sticking your tongue closer or further away from the whistle.//   

       You have a very strange way of whistling.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 01 2013

       Try a sheepdog whistle. It is or very nearly is what you are describing, with the added advantage that it is held entirely inside the mouth, allowing the user to anonamously produce shockingly loud whistles in large crowds, aboard buses, trains, and airplanes, and in busy public restrooms. If you act startled, nobody will know it was you.
Alterother, Feb 01 2013

       I have recently received one THE ACME (I kid you not) shepherd whistle. So far, I have been able to use it to produce whistles about 1/10th as loud as I can do without mechanical assistance. I infer, therefore, that some degree of practisization is needed.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 06 2013

       Quite so. I can only make a pathetic wheezing noise with mine, but my kith sister (who grew up on a farm) can fracture eardrums at thirty paces. As a descriptive term, 'piercing' simply fails to capture the sonic violence she can perpetrate with a shepherd's whistle.
Alterother, Feb 06 2013

       I've yet to find a whistle that is as loud as the whistle I can produce without any mechanical aid. I learned it from my father and grandfather. Using it inside a building is not clever, as it make your ears ring for some time afterward.   

       It's a lot different to a musical whistle, as one would use to whistle a tune, which is what this idea appears to be about, albeit in a round-about way.
UnaBubba, Feb 07 2013


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