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Whiteboard Stamps

Whiteboard Stamps - Dry-erase stamps with UI Widgets
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These would be dry-erase stamps shaped like drop-down menus, buttons, and the like, for rapidly prototyping software interfaces on a whiteboard.
wooby, Apr 14 2009


       Confused, So another layer of whiteboard, in small rectangle form, that widgets can be drawn on. How would they stick to the main whiteboard?   

       Doh, ink stamp not postage stamp
wjt, Apr 14 2009

       The drop down menus would have to be rolling stamps so the menu can be varied in length. [+] for nice gadget, [-] for stemming non-standard solutions
loonquawl, Apr 15 2009

       Then designers would feel constrained to the possibilities of the set of stamps and wouldn't explore more imaginative solutions.
hippo, Apr 15 2009

       There should definitely be some way of quickly drawing certain commonly used symbols and shapes, maybe flow diagram symbols or pie charts and stuff.   

       I think the difficulty would be finding a dry wipe ink that would stay wet long enough to be useful in a stamp pad.
marklar, Apr 15 2009

       We've wanted these kind of stamps for some time in order to repeated mark "office" and "home" on attendence planning whiteboard tables.
Aristotle, Apr 15 2009

       How about a device that holds a dry-erase marker, and, when you turn a crank on the side, uses a system of interchangeable cams and linkages to draw a me nu/but ton/ar row/off ice/ho use/etc.? There could even be adjustable sliders or knobs to control the size of the shape drawn.
notexactly, Jun 09 2018


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