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Photochromic whiteboard

Use UV to write and heat to wipe clean
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For those that dislike the smell of the dry markers, it may be possible to use photochromic dyes.
These change colour when activated by UV light.
The UV light could come from a UV laser pen. To erase, the dye is heated (by a warm hand-held eraser).

An advantage would be the ability to write from a distance (a bit shaky perhaps).

Perhaps different UV wavelengths could activate different dyes.
See link for info.
Ling, May 07 2004

info about photochromic dyes http://www.photochromics.co.uk/index.htm
[Ling, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       "It was a hellava presentation. He was waving that UV pointer around until we were all blind."
ldischler, May 07 2004

       No more meeting rooms with windows...and who gets the crappy job of holding a heat lamp up to the board between illustrations? Maybe the board has a built-in heater? Wipe the whole thing at once...
phoenix, May 07 2004

       If you had a small scanning laser attachment for a computer, or even just a keyboard, you could type and the laser would draw high quality characters on the whiteboard. Needs software and drivers (and hardware) and settings for distance and angle from whiteboard.
bristolz, May 07 2004

       Even though I like the smell of dry markers, I like this idea because UV laser pens would be cool. They could serve a double purpose of pinpoint tanning those hard to tan places.
Salted Nuts, May 07 2004

       Or use a UV LED for thicker lines
Ling, May 08 2004

       Can it come with some MIB sunglasses and be shaped like the 'flashy thingy?'
RayfordSteele, May 08 2004

       ....and the audience remembers even less than before...(if that is possible)
Ling, May 08 2004


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