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Whiteboard capture to SVG vector based animation container

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Stuff like khan's acadamy show free lectures via standard raster format. This is nice and all, however over low bandwidth connections, it does seem a bit slow.

It also seem wasteful, as the video only involves small changes in the whiteboard. Seems unnecessary to capture the entire board, and is also unscalable (so cannot project to a larger screen).

It would be better if the changes in the whiteboard over the lecture was shown as a a new vector point instead. This would also allow for lectures encoded with timestamped text, (which in the future could be auto translated into other languages).

It also means you can cram more lectures into a storage device. Like say... those "one laptop per child" laptops or tablets which has limited access to the real internet.

Plus since it is vectorized, if there is an error, it is much easier to correct the error, by deleting and rewriting that section of the whiteboard at that time.

This format would also be easier for ordinary people to contribute to. Especially once a website where you can record and "upvote" the best explanation, of which the best are collated into a "Course". Almost like a cross between "reddit"/"slashdot" and "Youtube lectures"/"Khan's acadamy". But that's an idea for another day (or until somebody decides to make a half bakery post about it. {or even better... make it a reality} )

mofosyne, Aug 14 2013


FlyingToaster, Aug 14 2013

       Simple, elegant. [+]
st3f, Nov 12 2016


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