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Willy Wonka Casino

A casino based on "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory"
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A casino that incorporates the visuals of the great movie (that pretty much everybody loves). Different parts of the Casino look like different parts of the factory, the Golden Geese, The Half Room, The Inventing Room, etc. with the main part being the Chocolate Room, complete with glass-enclosed river of chocolate. Oompa Loompa cocktail servers and dealers dressed like Willy Wonka.
Johnny Moodis, Jun 23 2003


       Willy Wonka is opposed to all that casinos represent! How could you?!
DrCurry, Jun 23 2003

       Give change a chance. ;)
thecat, Jun 23 2003

       <Warning! Trivial Info Alert!>

Dr Evil mentions the Oompah Loompahs in the second Austin Powers movie.
DrBob, Jun 24 2003

       A Roald Dahl themepark would be cool. The BFG's cave. The Twits' house. Danny the Champion of the world forest. A Giant Peach. A You Only Live Twice underground monorail.
my face your, Jun 24 2003

       A theme park based on Roald Dahl's writing for adults would really be something.
snarfyguy, Jun 24 2003

       <obscure RD>Avoid tours of the pork producing facility.</obscure RD>
Don Quixote, Jun 24 2003

       (I) like Willy "Wonkaing" something, and a casino IS a glitzy highly sensory stimulating place so the combo would be pop rocks city (woo hoo), but casinos are mostly bad so how about Wonkaing something more socially responsible or building social responsibility into the "Wonkino".
thecat, Jun 27 2003

       Why are casinos mostly bad? Granted I don't like them much but there sure seem to be a lot of people who do.
bristolz, Jun 27 2003

       Because the house has too big an advantage. Because they prey (big time) on the most vulnerable. Because I say so [;)].
thecat, Jun 27 2003

       Dr Curry -- It's the size of the cut.   

       Bliss -- Ever? Really! Reread. I added one word and one comma (helps comprehension but was NOT strictly necessary). Also, if something isn't understandable (to you) you could first try asking nicely. Don't be so quick to assume that the problem is with others.
thecat, Jun 27 2003

       [blissmiss] is not alone in finding your writing style mostly inscrutable, [thecat]. Clarity is the onus of the writer. Generally, if the reader doesn't understand what the writer is saying, the writer should be more clear.   

       Run-on sentences, sloppily nested parenthetical digressions, random capitalization, non-standard punctuation and really weird slang combine to make many of your messages rather on the opaque side.   

       If your stuff requires re-reading to understand it, I'm guessing many will opt to skip it in the first place.
snarfyguy, Jun 27 2003

       Pedant! (Short enough)
thecat, Jun 27 2003

       Hmm, a Willy Wonka casino hosted by [thecat], wearing pajamas and an apron. Suddenly, an avalanche of pop rocks traps the dealer. (What? Why? He's not even wearing pajamas! Figures.) He's pinned to the candy-grass covered flooring, his cheek pressed to a chocolate daisy! It's immoral. All the patrons are in an uproar, and it's all because [thecat] says so. [;)]   

       Whaddya think? Is that pretty much the style?
k_sra, Jun 27 2003

       Would you win chocolate money? A great way to introduce kids to the grown-up world of gambling.
git, Jun 28 2003

       Wouldn't almost everything be made out of candy?
Japanese_Coffee, Jun 28 2003

       The nimble thimble
asked the grass,
"What troll is this that I hear pass?"
The grass replied
all saucer-eyed,
"I tot I taw a puddy tat!"
k_sra, Jun 28 2003

       Brits: Is the name Willy Wonka a play on "wonky willy?"
snarfyguy, Jun 28 2003

       Quite right, [toejam].   

       My apologies, [thecat]. I was enjoying the joke and forgot it was at someone's expense. You are a character: bright, energetic, and intrepid. Your "oddities" are very satisfying to my writer's eye. The moderators must do what they do, but I am not one. Forgive.
k_sra, Jun 29 2003

       Different writing style, too.
snarfyguy, Jul 01 2003

       Well, it was a pretty oblique accusation. If it's not the case, then she has no idea what we're talking about, having been here only a few weeks.
snarfyguy, Jul 02 2003

       Thank you k_sra. I thought I did this (thanked you)long ago. Sorry.   

       blissmiss - yuck, as usual.
thecat, Jul 11 2003

       [blissmiss, etc]   

       After my little have at it with ato_de was resolved (quite nicely too) , I had a period where what I've now come to call The Usual Suspects were very nice and respectful TO ME. However, nothing much really changed about the elitist, mean-spirited, smart-assyness of an undercurrent that you TUS's turned on newbies and the people you don't care for. Unacceptable.   

       I would love to enjoy a pleasant exchange of ideas and not have to constantly explain why cynicism is for the pathetic and the corrupt. This could all be avoided by playing nice and playing fair. Of course, I've heard a bunch of times that this isn't about that. Really.   

       In the religion idea posts its funny how many "Christians", etc. there are. "Christians", etc. who seem to think religion is for Sundays. Probably Sunday AFTERNOONS between x and y. Religion, spirituality, whatever is a nasty clique to hide behind if you're "values" are turned off and on at your leisure.   

       What kind of values are those. Oh, and yes I'm perfectly comfortable with "nice" people like RayfordSteele and others mocking my values. If he thinks being kind and decent and honorable is about protecting your friends shitty behavior and nitpicking fingerpointing about people who stick their neck out for others, do it and continue to when few others will stand up straight and back them up forcefully, and are both consistent and effective.   

       I know it's hard to take when a democrat/liberal, idealist (realist!) is actually not an action/results eunuch. But if you take a look in the mirror and then hoe your own garden for a bit he (etc.) who has no true humility can start giving me advice (I'd rather a well self-educated layperson than a arrogant &/or elitist "professional" who can not be told anything or a sheep-like follower of a professional who condones indecent behavior from their "learned collegues").   

       How many people die because of this. Poorly constructed bridges, catwalks. Huge, sharp medical instruments left inside of people. Remember all the people who died when that catwalk collapsed in the early 80's (I was in late elementary - I followed stuff as far back as that - so you can say I have 25 years of advanced education.Major - Common Sense (In Action). Minor - Questioning "Authority".   

       How many people can't build a life/or lose their life's accumulated work. Enormous benefit packages and writeoffs, gold (and silver for the middle management - yes it exists if you think about it for more than 10 seconds) when hard-working employees (with "mere" coworkers) are sanctimoniously told to go home after 3 hours and be on call 24/7 after travelling 1-2 hours (1 way), given "benefits" they lose when the employer doesn't honor (and had no intention of honoring) a minimum 30 hours of work to assure benefits (and budgeting). Or being told to provide their own office supplies! And this is just the half of it.   

       Oh, and perhaps it might lighten the mood (a little) to end with a joke (which sadly is all toO true - it would be funnier if it weren't so true)...   

       Question: What do you call a lawyer (doctor, engineer, etc.) who graduated at the bottom of their class.   

       Answer: ___________________________________________ (I think we all know the answer to this).   

       this close to crying (and completely disgusted but fighting to the bitter end!) ... the cat.   

       P.S. Note the self-serving, dishonest, AND one-sided bs of the o-n-e s-o-r-r-y s-e-n-t-e-n-c-e blissmiss was able to come up with/deign to offer up of her incredibly valuable time. "Repent" or have that ax buried in your back or the handle shoved ...
thecat, Jul 12 2003

       [thecat] I know you feel you are getting a raw deal here; I feel the problem is just a conflict of personalities.
As [k_sra] pointed out, you seem bright and energetic. I think you need to stop taking comments personally, most were meant in jest.

The world is *not* out to get you and your presence here is valued, by most. Stick around, and try to grow a thicker skin.
silverstormer, Jul 12 2003

       thecat, I am sick to death of you and your whining. this site is for ideas not personalities. you would be amazed at the real people and their stories lurking behind their usernames.   

       get to know them or go away. you bore me beyond words...
po, Jul 12 2003

       so sorry, johnny. please feel free to delete as you wish - this has nothing to do with your idea. +1
po, Jul 12 2003

silverstormer, Jul 12 2003

       I was 1st in the queue when it came to patience but mine has just become exhausted - you see if you do better.
po, Jul 12 2003

       Heh, I applaud you for speaking your mind. This, after all is no country club.
silverstormer, Jul 12 2003

       // this close to crying (and completely disgusted but fighting to the bitter end!) ... the cat. // write to me, perhaps we can resolve this   

       - fck, my real cat has just leapt on me and I am bleeding from 3 different places. ouch.   

       thank you [silver] your opinion is valued.
po, Jul 12 2003

       <obligatory> ain't no petting zoo neither!</obligatory>   

       <edit> Omigawd, [po], your anno posted while I was typing! Mine was meant to follow silverstormers. I'm so sorry about your kitty. I hope you're okay.
Tiger Lily, Jul 12 2003

       everything oka, po? ^
Tiger Lily, Jul 12 2003

       my jabs are not up to date (sorry, phoenix) horrid bruises and bleeding from all sorts of places. got the disinfectant stuff out and dabbing - smell is quite obnoxious - not my usual scent at all! hah. thanks for asking!
po, Jul 12 2003

       Notice how its the same ^&*@ people who post this crap. Thanks silverstormer for the somewhat reasoned, concilatory stuff but your overall point is still wrong. You are equivocating.   

       Reread (whichever one of you, if any, bothered to read the entire post/any of it). I do not feel slighted and I am not whiny. This is a misleading or naive/willfully oblivious statement. Cowtowing to the big-mouth minority that has everyone (almost) marching in lock-step is not honorable. Not standing up to your friends is not honorable either and extremely shortsighted. What people say here, sincerely or in jest cannot be divorced from their day-to-day, minute-to-minute beliefs.   

       Are people like TigerLily like this here and then suddenly night falls and ... *whoosh* - fairydust falls as the ethics fairy descends on her. Or is it more like this..   

       In the anonymity of "this room" (ahem, I mean the halfbakery) you can be as nasty, self-centered and crazed and dishonest in your logic/values as you want. Then when you deal with family, friends, co-workers/collegues, and worst (for them) strangers and underlings you can be your (real) self - but well hidden behind a mask of kindness, concern, fairness, etc.   

       Say all the right things but drag your feet because you had no intention to do whatever it is or better yet demoralize people with all the reasons something practical "can't be done". The saddest thing is nobody wants to admit they are killing their integrity with a slow death by a thousand cuts go along to get along "mentality".   

       A few final thoughts...   

       Rules are only as good as the people who make, follow, and enforce them.   

       Who watches the watchers?   

       The measure of a person is not how they treat their friends its how they treat everyone.
thecat, Jul 12 2003

       P.S. I see my temporary soul transfer with your cat po, was a success. Be nice and the cost of gauze, peroxide and bandages will be greatly reduced.
thecat, Jul 12 2003

       [tc], be sure and try the lithium sprinkles the next time you *buy* a cup o' joe...
Tiger Lily, Jul 12 2003

       Tiger Lily - Eat **** and die. (I mean this in the nicest possible way of course).   

       po(#1) - Go to hell (Oops - forgot you are half way there).   

       po(#2) - troll, never going to write blah blah -- right.   

       P.S. Obviously po is short for p(iece) o(f) ...
thecat, Jul 12 2003

       [thecat] You’re way out of control. Your paranoia and lack of respect for others is poisoning the usually buoyant HB atmosphere.
FarmerJohn, Jul 12 2003

       [po] Still haven't taken the cotton out of your ears have you you soft-hearted sweetie. "The letter's in the mail".   

       [farmerjohn] Paranoia? Go read a book on politics or business. Buoyant! Good grief. Oh, and if people want respect - earn it.
thecat, Jul 12 2003

       //Tiger Lily - Eat **** and die.//








       <Dawn breaks>



       ...Ah, today smells like whorled peas...
Tiger Lily, Jul 12 2003

       Has thecat gone now? she frightens me [[[{{{shiver}}}]]]   

       Lovely idea.
wee rat, Jul 13 2003

       Calm down [wee rat]! She may look all claws and teeth, but I'm sure if you stroke her in the correct place she purrs, something cronic.
silverstormer, Jul 13 2003


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