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Wind turbine tower housing

Live in the tower of a wind turbine
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I realize many people disenjoy wind and many people also don't want to live anywhere near wind turbines regardless of their disenjoyment of wind. But some people (such as me) enjoy wind and being around wind turbines.

So I propose that wind turbine owners rent out the space inside the towers as residential space. Residents get a cool place to live (in their opinion) and great views. Edit: AND HUGE YARDS AND PARKS!! As a bonus, these houses/apartments (however they want to set it up) have free electricity, because the necessity to go through the grid is avoided. (Though an onsite transformer may be necessary depending on the output of the generator.) Disadvantages could include long commutes, but many people deal with that already, and pay for their electricity.

notexactly, Nov 15 2015


       Oh yeah, I forgot about that advantage! You get a ginormous yard! Wind turbines have to be spaced out from each other, meaning there's a lot of empty land between them. Assuming they're not located on farmland, all of this land becomes yards, parks, etc., with the exception of access roads, of course, which wind turbines already have.
notexactly, Nov 15 2015

       [+] Lighthousey. For the big towers there should be pretty much a 4-5bdrm townhouse up there, for shift operators who turn the propeller into the wind, manually.
FlyingToaster, Nov 15 2015

       Those towers are tall enough for multiple apartments, stacked vertically. Disadvantage: windows in side of tower decreases its strength --and it NEEDS to be very strong, to support the masses and forces interacting at the top of the tower.
Vernon, Nov 15 2015

       If some people can live in a light house then sure why not at a water mill or wind turbine tower. Just the interference from the large generator my keep you from watching that TV show you like so much.
travbm, Nov 15 2015

       //interference... TV shows// loft the antenna up on a small balloon, higher than the blade.
FlyingToaster, Nov 15 2015

       Also if you like hawk and eagle meat there would be a steady supply, already tenderized.
bungston, Nov 15 2015

       does it have a creepy cellar?
pashute, Nov 16 2015

       //Also if you like hawk and eagle meat there would be a steady supply, already tenderized.//   

       Not nearly as much as if you live in a traditional skyscraper.
MechE, Nov 16 2015


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