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A windmill should be constructed to sling objects into earth-orbit
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A gigantic windmill should be constructed to elevate objects (satelites, space-craft) into earth orbit. The initial accelleration would be wind-powered, thus totally ecological, and the secondary accellaration phase would be electrically powered from other windmills, thus equally ecological. ...


sirau, Mar 04 2004


       Is the idea that you attach the satellite to the tip of the windmill (the tip moving at orbital velocity of around 10000 mph)? Or are you planning to use some other mechanical or electric launch mechanism? If so, what?
kropotkin, Mar 04 2004

       The initial accelleration would be wind-powered, thus not very fast.
yabba do yabba dabba, Mar 04 2004

       For days when the wind isn't blowing, you could attach 10,000 hamster wheels on the same axle as the windmill. Jogging in unison, 10,000 hamsters could fling things into space.
Mungo, Mar 04 2004

       Rigid body constrains with centripetal force would still enter into play. In other words, while "buildable", this is just as difficult as any space elevetaor idea.
theircompetitor, Mar 04 2004


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