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Window clips

plastic clips that fit on top of car windows
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These would keep the window from rolling all the way up so a child left in a car would not be subject to as much heat as a closed window.
NotSoQuick, Aug 20 2003


       How about a temperature gauge inside the car that would crack the windows automatically if the temp gets high enough?
DeathNinja, Aug 20 2003

       When I close my car windows, they roll all the way up then open again by about half an inch. I need to jab the button again to close them fully.
angel, Aug 20 2003

       [angel] - you need to remove those kiddies' fingers from the windows before you try closing them.
PeterSilly, Aug 20 2003

       ...and/or remove the beer can. (Waaaay back in the day, electric windows as beer can crushers were a signature move of El Waxo)
thumbwax, Aug 20 2003

       //Forgotten how we fixed it, though.//
Is it a fault? If so, it's probably caused by the limit-switch mounting brackets bending slightly. Both front windows do it. I assumed it was a feature to prevent accidental child-broiling (although it still allows you to broil them deliberately).
angel, Aug 20 2003


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