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Windshield Wiper for Chalk board

A new way to erase a chalk board
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My idea is to make a giant squeege that while run parrellel to the top and bottom of a chalk board and it would erase the board with a motor to power it down the board. it would also spray the board with water. I thought about this idea in class when i noticed chalk boards cannot be easily erased.
JoeLounsbury2004, Oct 22 2003

Chalkboard Cleaning Apparatus http://www.invention.com/williams542.htm
[Laughs Last, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

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       Spraying boards with water tends to reduce their writing effectiveness; the micro-crevices load up with gunk.
RayfordSteele, Oct 22 2003

       use gunk-free water.   

       that link pretty much bakes this. (don't you just wish a trapdoor would open up in the floor under that teacher?)
po, Oct 22 2003

       ""don't you just wish a trapdoor would open up in the floor under that teacher?"" Why do people hate teachers?
futurebird, Mar 20 2004

       ever heard of dry erase boards? or for richer people projectors with a drawing tool connected to the computer that the image is projected from. also puffs kleenex with lotion works really well for cleaning chalkboards and is a lot cheaper and less obtrusive than that invention.   

       In some of the rooms at my school there were trapdoors near the back of the room and when you got bored and your teacher is distracted you could jump down there and go see people in other classes, but ushually it was best to take a chair down with you to get out because this bit under the classrooms was about 2 metres underground any even the tallest had trouble climbing out.It was greatn going down the hole because there were always stacks of dirty national geographic magazines down there.aah, those were the days...
andrew1, May 06 2005


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