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Taking another page from nature and the humble Maple seed, it should be possible to build a single piece curved shape that would allow people to exit a low flying aircraft without the bone jarring effect of opening a chute at high speed, and yet still slow descent enough to land safely. A cinched hand strap attaches a swivel to the base of the teardrop shaped panel.

You'll probably puke, might pass out from the spin, and there is a chance of breaking a few bones on landing but the velocity would no longer be terminal.


       name it spin-o-chute for my bun.
Voice, Jul 27 2010

       I would take the bone-jarring opening of a parachute 10x over before the high g spin and questionable landing of a maple seed. But it might be workable for cargo applications, to save the cost of a parachute. Or in weather studies where the instruments don't need to be retrieved.
DIYMatt, Jul 27 2010

       It might also be a good way to remove an unwanted arm, perhaps one gone gangrenous, or one possessed of a will of its own that threatens to throttle you at any opportunity.
rcarty, Jul 27 2010

       That's why I keep them busy.   

       I had figured both wrists.
I should have pluralized.

       Don't slap them too hard...they'll chafe.   

       I vaguely recall a PopSci/Mech edition that had one of these on the cover as a 'chute alternative.
FlyingToaster, Jul 27 2010


       I believe you but I can find nothing remotely similar.   

       I'll try harder: gotta be something
FlyingToaster, Jul 27 2010

       Google "helichute" for something similar.
AntiQuark, Jul 29 2010

       // the bone jarring effect of opening a chute at high speed //   

       That's been taken care of in a few different ways. Ram-air chutes use a thing called a "slider".
baconbrain, Jul 29 2010

       Anyone who choses to exit a perfectly serviceable aircraft in flight deserves no sympathy.   

       And if you have to jump, the jerk of the canopy opening is probably more reassuring than anything else.
8th of 7, Jul 29 2010

       Hey, This could totally work. Nothing stopping you from placing some ball bearings somewhere and have the guy hang from underneath not spinning or up chucking.
vtolled, Jul 30 2010

       I was thinking of a hip mounted drogue chute to minimize spin. Bearings would be good.
The heli-chute uses the same principle but is not like what I see in my head. Thanks for the link.
I don't think that this would be better than a parachute, just new...and maybe incorporated into the interior design of aircraft that can not currently evacuate all passengers in-flight in case of an emergency. Cargo applications are secondary but probably more feasible.

       //without the bone jarring effect of opening a chute at high speed...and there is a chance of breaking a few bones on landing//   

       I'll take the jarring up in the air.
ldischler, Jul 30 2010

       + or you can make an amusement park ride of this!
xandram, Jul 30 2010


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