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Wing Suit Vehicle

Wing suit mounted on top of a regular car
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Instead of a steering wheel, accelerator and break, this car has all of those controls attached to a wing suit mounted on top of the car. The driver would start from a standing position and lean forward to make it go, like a Segway. As the vehicle got going faster and wind resistance increased, the wing suit, which is suspended by the shoulders, would lift off the roof of the car and allow the driver to very precisely control steering and acceleration. This would be done by a matrix of sensors all over the wing suit which record position and translate that to steering and acceleration instructions to the vehicle.
JesusHChrist, Jun 05 2015


       I'd buy this.   

       However, you'd need to be driving at speeds above about 100mph to be able to fly, unless you increased the wing area.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 05 2015

       The car could have a big scoop or trough mounted on it, to funnel air up toward the flyer.   

       I'd say you could control the car by just mounting a target on the flyer's chest, with some 3-D sensors on the car. If the flyer slips back a bit, the car slows; if she gets forward, it speeds up; and side-to-side. Up and down, I dunno, but it could be programmed.
baconbrain, Jun 05 2015

       //The car could have a big scoop or trough mounted on it, to funnel air up toward the flyer. //   

       Nah. Just drive fast. Typical motorway speeds are 90mph, which is close enough. You could probably build a wingsuit that would give decent lift at those speeds.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 05 2015


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