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Wireless Cu-Pod

Find potential mates and dates through iPod similarites
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What more telling moment in a new dating relationship than perusing your new friends music collection? With me it used to be flipping through boxes of LPs. Having compatible tastes in music portends compatibility. The WIreless Cu-Pod saves your iPod contents in memory and passively searches the contents of any iPod within 30 feet, sending you a signal when it finds a number of matches that you designate, along with the location of the iPod (e.g., 18ft 6 in NNE).

What happens next is up to you.

daruma, May 26 2005

iTunes music library flirting http://www.al3x.net...ling-it-rendezvous/
[krelnik, May 27 2005]


       Provided you could put your own iPod in "Not right now, thanks... I've just come out of a five-and-a-half year relationship, and I just don't think I'm ready yet" mode.
justaguy, May 26 2005

       <waves wirelessly>   

       we did this music compatibility thing way back in the mists of time when your email address worked.
po, May 27 2005

       It's true you can't browse someone's iPod in the same sneaky way while they fix you a coffee. On the other hand, when this is baked it means I'll have to go through and rationalize - can I set profiles? I want one with all my classical stuff on (for when I want to seem really deep and cultural), and one with the Ukrainian Kazoo Polka left in... for...when... hmmm. Stupid profile.
moomintroll, May 27 2005

       //Stupid profile.// huh?
po, May 27 2005

       Yeah, so many people just load up on garbage in their ipods, too, so that libraries aren't an exact indicator of musical tastes... However, if your ipod could detect their "current favorites" you could figure out if they've been in a classical, Alice in Chains, Pink Floyd, or Ukrainian Kazoo Polka mood. amongst others... So, [moom], what do you think about Shoom 3?
daseva, May 27 2005

       I always did this with people's book collections. In a heartbeat I knew if it was someone I could respect, and relate to. Even if the books were of a different genre then what I enjoy, if they were meant for intelligient and mind provoking exercise, I would certainly second date em.   

       (Waves back to po, and then to daruma, and then to self.)   

       + For the idea. Findng common ground is essential, I believe, and a leg up on sustaining a successful relationship.
blissmiss, May 27 2005

       [bliss], I've never met a woman interested in my book collection. Its nothing, really. Just alot of quantum mechanics, Neitzche, and Carlos Castaneda. and The Alchemist. Still, just stares... Where are the likes of you!
daseva, May 27 2005

       Am reading The Alchemist presently. That's rather eerie. But if you don't have a copy of Atlas Shrugged, that isn't all crackly, and pages dangling off, we still might not be a match.   

       As for music, I would probably attract a whole pleuthera of males, I can go from classic, to reggae, to bluegrass, and then to r&b, in the blink of an eye. (Sees a vision of a man in a tuxedo, smoking a log, whilst plucking a banjo, singing, "just a little bit", following me down the street. )
blissmiss, May 27 2005

       I've heard of people baking this, but not with the iPod itself -- with the "sharing" feature of iTunes, while connected to a public WiFi hotspot. Because iTunes uses Apple's Rendezvous to automatically detect other copies on a local subnet, it apparently works great.   

       See link.
krelnik, May 27 2005

       daruma honey, are you missing penalties somewhere? please come back & respond to all these questions... mine in particular.   

       blissy and I are waiting <drums fingers>
po, May 27 2005

       Following-"creepy mysterious semi-romantic", or following-"paid musician"?   

       Nope, haven't read the book. Heard a lot about it, but seem to get perpetually sidetracked from recommended books. Its like I have a demon in my brain that has absolute power over what I read. I kinda like his choices though, so we get along. But, hey, [bliss], I always listen to whatever the first person says to me in the morning, and whatever the last person says at night. Needless to say, this syndrome grants women who sleep with me enormous amounts of power, especially over what I read. ;)
daseva, May 27 2005

       audioscrobbler already does this in a way : it posts details of your listening to the internet and then performs matches with other people, by virtue of your music tastes.   

       Sure, it's not a wireless ipod, but the net result is similar.
jonthegeologist, May 27 2005

       Bliss. Po. Anyone else. The email on my HB account still works. Email me and just make the subject line something other than an ad for pharmaceuticals or your XXX webcam and my spam filter should let it through...
daruma, May 29 2005


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