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Wireless Jumper Leads

Portable defibrillator to start a car with a flat battery
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It's always very annoying when one discovers they've left their park lights or that their car-alarm has drained their battery. All we really need is for that engine to turn over a few times and bingo, the self charging process has begun. What can be tricky is getting a jump-start from another vehicle... sometimes it's the location, other times just unhelpful fellow motorists. This is where 'Wireless Jumper Leads' can help. Based on portable defribrilator technology, this rechargable device would deliver a short burst of high output charge at the exact moment you try to start your car (a small circuit detecting device that plugs into the cigarette lighter could perform this feat easily).
lukecleland, May 24 2005

Don't use on chest... http://www.cetsolar.com/waganjumper.htm
[ldischler, May 24 2005]

Don't use this on your chest, either. http://www.afsc.noa...Pacific_lamprey.htm
[normzone, May 25 2005, last modified Mar 03 2006]


       <stand clear> Excellent debut Luke</stand clear>
neilp, May 24 2005

       //deliver a short burst of high output charge //
and instantly fry the electronics.
angel, May 24 2005

       Nice idea [lukecleland] but I think [angel] is right. I think most cars like their 'leccy no more forceful than 12/16V, any more than that and fuses are gonna blow...
DocBrown, May 24 2005

       What Pa've said. Battery boosters are rechargeable devices that can power the engine for a good few turns until it starts, roadside assistance vans always keep one in the back. Unfortunately I am only too familiar with these things.
wagster, May 24 2005

       There's a jumper battery that plugs into your cigarette lighter. Will that do?
ldischler, May 24 2005

       "jumper battery that plugs into your cigarette lighter"   

DenholmRicshaw, May 24 2005

       //Lamp Ray// Thank you, UnaBubba, for an early-morning laugh while far from home. I just ate a croissant in the Hotel Grand Angkasa, Medan, Indonesia.
baconbrain, May 25 2005


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