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universal jump off receptacle

something similar to the military slave recepticle
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in the military if you need to jump off a vehicle, you hook up to the slave recepticle on each vehicle and jump off instead of using " hook red here..." they also have impact wrenches that work off of them, amongst other things. why cant they have something like this on civilian stuff, besides the cig lighter, to handle the high amps from jump offs
bobenhotep, Aug 12 2004


       Great idea and used by tow trucks in the area to jump vehicles with dead batteries (plug to jumpers of course). The reason it's probably not used is that most people wouldn't really ever use this feature. Furthermore, I can see practical jokers going car to car discharching their batteries, or using it to disable a car alram system.
BMCCUE, Mar 02 2006

       I have seen this application used widely in the 4x4 world. People who have a manual transmission on their truck and take it rock climbing tend to run their battery down. Because a truck with a manual transmission tends to stall while climbing over large obsticles like big rocks, it is necessary to use the starter motor to safely propel the vehicle forward. If the driver uses the starter motor more than a few times prior to fully restarting the engine (and thus charging the battery) he is dead in the water. So when 4x4 owners go out in groups, most times they use the standard genderless 12V heavy duty connectors and cables to give each other a jumpstart by simply plugging one truck into another.
Jscotty, Mar 03 2006

       I was fixing to post this idea when I came accross yours. I wished that auto-manufactures would integrate this into new cars. It would allow you to easily use your car as a generator along with a high output AC inverter.   

       Also could used used keyed may connector on car to prevent shorting and pos-neg reversal.   

       Putting the connector under the hood of the car would prevent what BMCCUE list.
dlapham, Oct 08 2006


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