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Wisdom Teeth Cuff-links

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You've just joined that elite group of individuals who faced themselves in the mouth, and bravely had all four wisdom teeth pulled. Don't waste those pearls on the tooth fairy. Instead, drill holes in each one and have them tied together into two separate pairs. They'll make great cuff-links; little badges of honor representing your dental sacrifice. Perfect for any respectable occasion or halfcon.
swimswim, Nov 23 2009

You would smile too if you had them pulled in time for the prom. http://www.healthsc...84-wisdom-teeth.jpg
[swimswim, Nov 23 2009]

jewelry made from human teeth is baked here http://www.inhabita...e-from-human-teeth/
[xandram, Nov 27 2009]

same but more - teeth and hair http://www.oddityce...teeth-and-hair.html
[xandram, Nov 27 2009]


       The next time you bump into your dentist at a formal occasion (and I'm sure that happens frequently), check his sleeves.
swimswim, Nov 24 2009

       Is there a correlation between wisdom teeth and intelligence - an often asked silly question. However, I discovered a while ago that lack of wisdom teeth is an evolutory indicator relating to the length of the jaw bone. ie: the more evolved you are the less likely you are to have wisdom teeth. Ever since then I have wondered whether there is actually a link.
The_Saint, Nov 24 2009

       A southern gentleman would, of course, have the wisdom teeth, the molars and the bicuspids, proudly displayed, running up each cuff dress-right-dressed.
MikeD, Nov 24 2009

       It would make a great ring or necklace pendant too!
Jscotty, Nov 25 2009

       Tooth rings, tooth pendants; it's really a slippery slope all the way down to shrunken-head Christmas tree ornaments.
swimswim, Nov 25 2009

       2 words: tooth buttons.
neo_, Nov 28 2009


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