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Wonderful Waste of $50

If your boss deserves this, be sure not to get caught!
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This prank Idea is for a boss you don't like (in a smallish retail business setting), whom you think deserves as much hassle as he (or she) dishes out to others.

You need a single $50 bill, or some equivalent. If the value of the bill is too small, the prank won't work. If you cannot afford to almost literally throw away that amount of money, maybe one of your co-workers can be persuaded....

For any retail business, after the close of the day, the boss will remove the money from the cash register, and count it to see if it adds up in accordance with the day's transactions. The prank is simply to surreptitiously put your $50 bill into the till while ringing up an ordinary customer transaction. This is the opposite of embezzlement, and likely is quite legal. You are giving money away, see? You just don't want anyone, or any camera!, to see you include your $50 with the customer's payment.

It is something of a Law of Accounting that The Books Must Balance. Your $50 is an amount that is too big to ignore, while a small amount might be ignored as part of a regular daily "leeway" thing. With an amount too big to ignore, the boss will waste a lot of time trying to figure out why there is $50 extra in the cash drawer.

The boss might eventually just pocket the money, even though cameras might be watching. That might lead to even more fun consequences. But at the very least, the Idea is that the frustration you give your highly-deserving boss could be worth your $50.

Vernon, Sep 17 2016


       You are such good evil. Yay.
blissmiss, Sep 17 2016

       Clever! Bun for you [+]
whatrock, Sep 17 2016

       This is a relatively cheap and legal way to drive an anally-retentive micromanaging dork into a nervous breakdown.   

8th of 7, Sep 17 2016

       reminds me of the days when I had to balance the books to 1 penny. People would say, put in or take out the annoying penny but I couldn't because I knew that the error would catch up with me at some stage and the work involved in that would be horrendous.
po, Sep 18 2016

       If you were to reverse the process some days later might your boss be doubly flustered?
whatrock, Sep 18 2016


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